Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight Headphones with XBS Port

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My Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight headset were only available in today's mail and I have been listening to it for the past hour with a smile on my face. Is it possible that such low-cost headphones can produce such a full, realistic sound? The answer is YES! I have been searching for some new headphones to replace the stock earbuds on my SanDisk Clip Zip, not because the earbuds sound bad - they build a great sound - but because I found them to be uncomfortable. I was told that a certain brand of earbuds were comfortable and sounded very good, so I bought them and was very disappointed in the sound, especially the booming bass. As I mainly listen to classical music I wanted something well balanced, not bass heavy. I noticed that over 430 people reviewed the Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight headset and gave it an excellent overall rating. I decided to take a chance on it and I'm very glad I did. Not only does it sound terrific on soft and loud passages (and I like my classical music loud) but it's very comfortable as well. I'm sure there are lightweight headphones available that have better quality of sound, but not at anywhere near the price of the Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight headset's. It is really an incredible buy.

Product Description

Take your music on the run with Panasonic's lightweight, low-cost RP-HT21 over-ear headphones.
Panasonic RP-HT21 Headphones
Lightweight, low-cost, over-ear headphones.
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Panasonic RP-HT21 Headphones
Foam-cushioned earphones and a wide headband for added comfort.
Their large, 30 mm diaphragms feature Neodymium magnets, offering full-bodied sound free of the discomfort that can sometimes accompany earbud-style earphones. The foam-cushioned phones also feature a wide headband, for added listening comfort.
The phones are equipped with Panasonic's XBS acoustic ports, which naturally emphasize bass frequencies for rich sound from nearly any source.
  • Driver Unit Diameter: 30
  • Frequency Response: 16 Hz - 22 kHz
  • Weight: 1.2 Oz. (Without Cord)
  • XBS: Yes
What's in the Box
Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight headset, data sheet.

Chimaera Wireless Gaming Headset

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Chimaera Wireless Gaming Headset

Adjustable circumaural ear cups for optimal sound isolation and comfort
Flexible microphone boom and detachable Xbox LIVE® communication cable
Rechargeable batteries for extended gaming sessions of up to 8 hours
Digital optical connection for superior sound quality
Docking base station for audio processing, recharging and advanced controls
Independent volume and microphone sensitivity controls on the ear cups
PC compatible** 3.5mm RCA cable required and sold separately

First Impression:
Very easy to set up. I used the optical cable connection so I could benefit from the full 5.1 experience. Make sure you have the HDMI audio adapter dongle if you plan to use it with your Xbox 360, though... it's like 3 bucks if you order it online, and you can't use the headset with the Xbox otherwise. I had no idea and ended up having to purchase it for way more from a local game store :(

Great sound! It's really movie theater-esque, and you can always turn off the Dolby surround sound or change the bass levels if it's overwhelming or otherwise not to your preference :) Because of the 5.8 ghz, you also don't need to worry about any interference from other wireless sources. In other words, no static!

Comfortable. I have a pretty small head (being an equally small person), so I'm always somewhat uncertain of big headphones... most sets end up being way too heavy and give me a headache within a few hours. The Razer is surprisingly painless to use, though. It does eventually hurt, but it took me seven hours before I felt it of straight gaming

Second Impression:
The main problem the Chimaera 5.1 has with its mic/master volume is that the two are not separated. While holding mode down until you hear one beep allows you to edit microphone outgoing volume without any problems, the holding mode for two for incoming volume ends up being ultimately affected by your master. For example, if you turn down master volume to lower your game volume, you inevitably turn down your friends. If you turn up your friends manually to compensate for the master volume turning everyone down, you find that you're unable to turn them up any higher. You have to go back and undo the initial lowering of the master volume if you want to up the max for incoming microphone volume... so you end up going back to the original loud game that you had started with and still can't hear your friends.

Final Impression:
In spite of the somewhat disappointing second impression, I would say the Chimaera 5.1's were worth the near 200 bucks I ended up spending for them. They're certainly better than any of the other alternatives available online (Turtle Beach, Astro, Tritons). If you are really into party chat, though, and need to have it on all the time or otherwise use it for the majority of your gaming, I'd urge you to reconsider simply because of, again, it being hard to hear anyone who is not using a Razer Chimaera 5.1 headset. Since I personally do a lot of single player, however, it doesn't bother me at all to have these... and if my party wants to talk too quiet for me to hear them through the in game noise, then they'll just have to deal with it!

Chimaera Wireless Gaming Headset OVERALL

- Easy set up
- Great sound
- Comfortable
- No interference from other sources
- Rechargeable battery that can be easily replaced... so if your headset dies during gaming, you can just pop new batteries right in :) No need to send to customer service
- Very nice appearance

- Master volume/mic volume not separated
- Controls for mic volume and adjusting incoming/outgoing microphone chat volumes not explained in instructions
- Lots of background noise easily picked up
- LAN chat requires RCA cables if you want to hear ingame music/effects/etc, so no surround sound (RCA can't do it)

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Razer Megalodon 7.1 Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset

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Razer Megalodon 7.1 Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset

The Razer Megalodon is a 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset designed specifically to incorporate the Razer Maelstrom Audio Engine, making it the definitive headset for gamers today. Utilizing next generation HRTF technologies and a superb DSP with unheard of processing power, the Razer Megalodon is the most advanced audio headset of its kind.

Engineered for gamers on the go, the Razer Megalodon 7.1 Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset combines comfort, portability, and performance into a surround sound headset and sound processing solution. The Razer Maelstrom Audio Engine brings out the optimal surround soundstage in games by delivering deep booming bass and crisp, clear highs allowing you to hear and feel every shot that whizzes by.


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First let me say in the area of sound quality this is by far one of the best headsets I've ever owned. If sound quality(not volume) is your only concern, read no further and just hit purchase.
Overall a really great headset but there were a few things that have started getting on my nerves after a few months of use:


The headset is made for giants... I'm not sure what they were thinking or whose head they measured, but I've got a pretty decently sized noggin(7+3/4 for those that know hats). On it's SMALLEST setting it barely keeps itself on my head. Knock the head size down about 2 sizes on the next model guys. On it's largest setting... I could probably fit this on a bear... seriously.

Second(slight annoyance):

The volume control brick. Sleek, inventive, next generation appearance, very nice... EXCEPT that the brick is built into the headset wire. While this is NORMALLY not an issue, this particular volume brick is literally as large as the palm of your hand(3.5 x 3.5 in). The size of the brick isn't really an issue though; whereas the mere 3.5ft of cable between the brick and the headset IS. While 3.5ft of wire is fine for gaming & music listening while working, it's not so great when leaning back to take in a movie or relax while listening to some tunes. If this is attempted be prepared for the brick to come leaping at you from the desk and bringing with it anything between the two of you on the desk... usually have to put the brick in my lap for 'leaning' PC time.

Third(again, only slight):

Slightly disappointed with the internal amplifier. The sound Quality is fantastic but the amplification volume leaves a bit to be desired. Don't misunderstand me, for the everyday normal use, it's perfectly fine in fact even quite loud by normal standards. However for Musicians, Audio Majors, and 'Hardcore' Gamers; you may consider looking in to a small amplifier if you don't already have a separate sound card installed, turning the volume up through the PC and headset alone always leaves me wanting more volume to rock to. Again only a mild annoyance, but for the price one has to pay for this headset, there should be NO disappointment where sound is involved.

The Razer Megalodon 7.1 Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset is fantastic, and despite the 3 comments above I still feel the headset is a high quality, top of the line headset. I feel I've made a good buy and I don't regret my purchase in the least. I'll be keeping an eye out for their next model which I hope addresses some of the above. :)

Hope the review is helpful, thanks for reading.

Immerse yourself in 3D audio and get a edge against your competitors in the latest games using the Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Alpha USB Gaming Headset. With acoustically optimized drivers and THX TruStudio Pro technology, the Tactic3D Alpha provides 3D audio surround effects for a cinematic experience. Dual-mode design lets you connect the headset for your PC using either a standard minijack, or via USB for the full THX TruStudio Pro experience. When you need to communicate with your teammates or make Internet calls, use the detachable noise-canceling microphone built into the headset. TacticControl software, available on the internet, offers you ways to fine-tune sound settings and keep your audio profile.
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Creative Labs 70GH012000003 Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Alpha USB Gaming Headset Unboxing

Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Alpha USB Gaming Headset Review:

THE GOOD: The sound that arrives of those headsets is absolutely good, they're very comfortable,I love the Creative Software and enjoy that you've the option for USB or analog.

THE BAD: They feel so unbelievably cheap, I cannot stress this enough. The plastic they used is just as cheap as it gets, very very disappointed.

Other Thoughts: I am keept them because they really do sound good, and don't feel like dealing with the hassle of returning it, but in all honesty I would not buy again or recommend. They just feel so fragile and cheap.

Plantronics GameCom 367 Gaming Headset

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Plantronics GameCom 367 Closed-Ear Gaming Headset

The closed-ear Plantronics GameCom 367 Gaming Headset delivers an immersive audio knowledge about 50 mm stereo speakers and specially designed earpods that redistribute pressure for optimum comfort. Before you go to fire off orders, unveil the hidden, noise-canceling mic boom to strategize clearly with associates. Responses arriving . Adjust audio levels using in-line volume and mic-mute controls. When you are done, rotate, and tuck the mic boom in the headset , then let your score do the talking. Just like any Plantronics headset, rugged, military-like design and extra-strength cables save your hardware hardcore , game after game after game.

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Plantronics GameCom 367 Gaming Headset Features

  • Closed-ear headset delivers an immersive audio experience.
  • Concealed mic boom stays hidden until you're ready to use it.
  • Specially designed earpods redistribute pressure for maximum comfort.
  • In-line volume and mic-mute controls allow for easy audio adjustment.

Technical Details

  • Full Range Stereo: Stereo Headset
  • Wearing style: Over the head
  • Ear cushion material : Non-Allergenic
  • Ear cushion design: Closed Ear
  • Noise Canceling Mic: Yes
  • Microphone Boom: Concealed
  • Mute Control: Yes
  • Volume Mute: Yes
  • Technology: 3.5 MM analog
  • Speaker Driver Size: 40 mm diameter
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People say on Plantronics GameCom 367 Gaming Headset:
Great headset at a bargain price
- Got 10 months with it and i love it
- Love this headset
- plantronics 367 best headset ive had
- Decent headset, although uncomfortable, with an excellent microphone


Logitech Gaming USB Headset H530

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The Logitech Gaming USB Headset H530, You’ll hear the information because of laser-tuned drivers and support for super wideband audio. The USB connection and laser-tuned drivers mean you’ll enjoy clear, digital audio in stereo-perfect for Internet calls and multimedia. Super wideband audio brings your voice and video calls alive with Logitech Vid and Skype.

Logitech Gaming USB Headset H530
Logitech Gaming USB Headset H530 Features

    Comfortable plush ear pads and adjustable, padded headband
    Noise-cancelling rotating microphone
    Super wideband audio for crystal-clear Internet calls
    High-performance USB digital audio with laser-tuned speaker drivers
    One-touch equalizer settings optimize audio for Mac or pc calling, music and gaming

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"Used this item for a brief period but seems like a very good product.
Plug in the USB and it mutes the external speakers. Nice."

"This is a nice headset, but I work in an office with cubicles and the mic will pick up the person's voice in the next cube. This then creates an echo if more than one of us are on a Skype call. Other than that, people can hear me clearly, the sound is good, and they seem sturdy enough."